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By providing honest, results-based training, we are limiting precarity and maximizing profitability for investors. Tax Lien Alliance teaches those interested in real estate investing how to navigate the very competitive real estate market, while avoiding the challenges and pitfalls that are prevalent in the industry today. We do this by educating our clients on how to safely and properly invest in tax liens and deeds. Through our one-on-one mentoring process, we help serious-minded investors build highly successful real estate investing businesses, by implementing a little known, yet highly effective tax lien investing strategy. Let Tax Lien Alliance help YOU succeed by teaching you how to safely and properly invest in tax liens and deeds TODAY.

Our Objective

Our objective in providing this education is to help people obtain the knowledge and understanding to make sound tax lien investments. The Tax Lien Alliance real estate experts guide you through the step-by-step process of securing profitable tax lien and tax deed investments. The training encompasses the following:

  • Business Setup
  • Goal Setting
  • The Four Pillars
  • Foreclosable Liens
  • Results-Based Training

Todd, Since working with you, I've been able to leave my job I'm now investing full time. I made around 80k on my last deal and I currently have around 800k in properties. I have 2 deals right now that will each net me around 20k. Thank You for helping me reach my dream of being a full-time investor.



Efficient & Effective Training

Tax Lien Alliance was founded by accomplished investor and renowned educator, Todd Ashton, to help real estate investors effectively locate profitable tax deeds and foreclosable tax liens. Through our unique one-on-one mentoring process, our clients are able to receive the guidance they need, at the time they need it. Our experts provide the foundational knowledge you need to enter the tax lien and deed markets, as well as the guiding principles you can use to secure promising investment opportunities that minimize risk and maximize profitability. Our methods allow us to efficiently and effectively provide investors with the training and support they need to build highly successful real estate investing businesses.  With the expert guidance and support of Tax Lien Alliance, you will be able to safely navigate the market with an advanced understanding of tax lien and deed investing

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