We provide result-based training with integrity and honesty. We minimize risk and maximize profitability for serious minded individual investors in today’s market. Tax Lien Alliance was founded by Todd Ashton. Todd is an accomplished investor and renowned educator who gives you the skills to properly invest in tax liens and deeds. Our one-on-one method of mentoring was inspired by over thirty years of combined real estate and mentoring experience. It has proven to be highly effective. This unique approach allows you to learn how to apply correct principles in your investing, as you have the guidance and support of an expert in tax lien and deed investing. From foundational knowledge, to advanced investment strategy, we are completely committed to assisting investors so they can make the most out of tax lien and deed investment opportunities. Lets achieve our dreams and goals together!


I show people how to buy distressed properties for under $10,000 and immediately flip them for $10K – $15K profit a week.
I am all about wealth creation and wealth preservation. 
I show you exactly HOW TO:
  • Get weekly cash closings 💯
  • Quickly and consistently accelerate your income 📈
  • Create BOTH active and passive cash flow. 
  • ALL within 6 to 8 weeks!
The RICH is in the NICHE. ✨ 
About Me 👇
✅ I went from working 60 hour weeks to 6 to 8 hours a week.
✅ I have successfully mentored thousands in the tax lien and deed investing
✅ My simple, step-by-step system gets results FAST 
✅ I created the Tax Lien Alliance so you will have all the resources you need at your fingertips 
Go from Zero 💵 to Hero 💪 in 6 to 8 weeks!
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Cell: 801-358-1496 📲
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Tax Lien Alliance educates investors through engaging one-on-one phone and video conferencing. Learning the tax lien and deed business has never been more convenient! The one-on-one approach was carefully designed.  It allows Todd Ashton, and our team of real estate experts to be accessible to people with busy lives. This personalized one-on-one training method provides informative instruction and unique insight on tax lien and deed investment opportunities. It is helping investors avoid the challenges and pitfalls that are prevalent in the markets today. We are changing the lives of investors and the market for the better.