Tax lien and tax deed investment offer real estate investors a cost-effective way to invest in real property that, when executed properly, will limit risk and maximize profitability. Our unique system has proven to effectively provide the foundational knowledge necessary to invest in the tax lien and deed markets as well as Impart the wisdom of our real estate investment experts. Tax Lien Alliance has helped numerous investors enter the market and get real results with tax lien and deed investing. Through our convenient one-on-one phone and video conferencing, our real estate investment experts can guide you to success. There are other companies that claim to be able to teach investors how to find and invest in foreclosable liens, but we are one of the very few that actually knows where to find them and how to invest in them.

To achieve the life you desire, you must first establish goals for your tax lien investing and properly structure your business. What’s the end game? To achieve success, you must first know where you’re going. Our goal-setting process helps you clarify exactly what you want to accomplish, so you can structure and run your business accordingly.

The Tax Lien Alliance training method ensures that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of tax lien and deed investing as well as how to properly apply them for maximum results. It is critical to have a solid foundation of this knowledge in order to succeed in this business!

Our unique system provides investors with more than mere knowledge of tax lien and deeds investing, we offer one-on-one mentoring that helps real estate investors build highly successful investing businesses. The bottom line is, we help them get real results!

At Tax Lien Alliance, we keep it simple with our Four Pillars: FIND, VET, EVALUATE & VERIFY. These are the four pillars to adhere to in order to achieve success as a tax lien and deed investor. Our in-depth training covers how to effectively apply each of these four pillars in your investing business.

We teach you step-by-step how and where to find foreclosable tax liens, which are more likely to lead to profitable investment opportunities. This little known, yet very powerful strategy is allowing our clients to build highly successful real estate investing businesses.


Tax Lien Alliance was founded by accomplished investor and renowned educator, Todd Ashton, to help real estate investors effectively and profitably invest in tax liens and deeds with a focus on foreclosable tax liens. Through our unique one-on-one mentoring process, our clients are able to receive the guidance they need, at the time they need it. Our experts provide the foundational knowledge that you need to enter the tax lien and deed markets, as well as the guiding principles you can use to secure promising investment opportunities that minimize risk and maximize profitability. Our methods allow us to efficiently and effectively provide investors with the training and support they need in order to build highly successful real estate investing businesses. With the expert guidance and support of Tax Lien Alliance, you will be able to safely navigate the market with an advanced understanding of tax lien and deed investing.


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